Why Optimize Neurology?

Neurologist Dr. Wingrove in her Austin, TX office

Integrative Neurology

Integative Neurology in Austin TX

At Optimize Neurology, Dr. Wingrove adopts an integrative mind-body-spirit approach to offer each patient the individualized care they deserve. The neurological system is complex and interfaces with the many other body systems. The result of Dr. Wingrove's approach is that your evaluation and treatment is not performed in a vacuum void of considering other body systems.

Longer Patient         Visits

Longer more comprehensive neurologist appointments

Because Dr. Wingrove offers an integrative approach to your neurological care, she offers extended duration patient visits as the standard.  New patient visits are typically 75 minutes long and return visits can be 30, 45, or 60 minutes.  Dr. Wingrove sees a limited number of patients per day meaning that you will spend most of your time with her and not in the waiting room.  Telemedicine visits are available to reduce your travel time when an in-person visit isn't required.

Coordination of Care

Team effort in coordination of care

Another important pillar of Dr. Wingrove's Optimize Neurology clinic is the team approach.  She and her hard-working staff strives to help coordinate orders for diagnostics and treatments, help with prior authorizations requests, and process or send medical records when needed.  We work with you to try to make our clinic experience less stressful and more helpful.