Services & Fees

Dr. Wingrove offers longer duration patient visits, improved coordination of care, and an integrative approach to neurology so that she can better serve her patients.  Learn more at Why Optimize?  She is able to offer these advantages to her patients by removing the overhead of an internal billing department to process insurance and by removing the need to see large quantities of patients to cover that overhead.  


Accordingly, Optimize Neurology has adopted the following fee policy:


We require full payment at the time of service and do not process insurance

 (You may continue to use your insurance for labs/imaging/prescriptions)


 You may request an Itemized Receipt to submit for reimbursement on your own

(Please note Medicare will not allow any filing for reimbursement)


Payment forms accepted: check, cash, credit/debit card, CareCredit, HSA or FSA cards 

New Patient Visit--80 minutes $450
Return Visit In-clinic OR electronic (e.g., video chat/phone/email)--40-60 minutes $200

Involved Paperwork/Forms (e.g., FMLA/Disability)-- $50

ImPACT Neurocognitive Test and Neurological Exam Visit:

Baseline-- $100


EMG/NCS (Nerve & Muscle study):
• Price depends on # of extremities tested/time needed to be blocked

• Same day results will be reviewed with you

• Botox for chronic migraine (pre-paid vials must be coordinated for delivery) OR

  Acute headache treatment injections or nerve blocks (includes med(s) injected)--$200


• For evaluation of Small-Fiber Peripheral Neuropathy/Chronic pain/Fibromyalgia --$200 

(please note biopsies are sent to a dedicated Neuropathology Laboratory and the Neuropathologist fee is separate and depends on your insurance)