Services & Fees

Dr. Wingrove delivers care through a Direct Pay model. 


She does not contract with insurance companies in order to remove the overhead/baggage that she believes is more of a barrier to the optimal care that she would like to provide. 


Through her non-insurance based clinic model, she is able to offer longer in-depth patient visits, improved coordination of care, and an integrative approach to neurology, all which requires TIME.

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Unfortunately, insurance companies require multiple staff for billing/authorization which often ends up translating to the need of high-volume of patients and either delays in coordination of care or physician-burnout.  By charging on a more time-based approach upfront, the goal is a better return on investment in your neurological health and a more balanced lifestyle for Dr. Wingrove to spend with and enjoy her family.  




We require full payment at the time of service and WE DO NOT process any form of insurance 

 (PLEASE NOTE:  You may continue to use your insurance for labs/imaging/prescriptions that Dr. Wingrove orders!)


• You may request an Itemized Receipt for you to submit for reimbursement if you have out-of-network benefits

(PLEASE NOTE: Medicare will not allow any filing for reimbursement)


• Payment forms accepted: Credit card, check, cash, HSA or FSA cards 


• New Patient Visits-- 75 minutes $600

• Return Visit In-clinic OR Telemedicine-- 45 minutes $250


Focused Visit-- 30 minutes $200

  Portal Visit (determined by Dr. Wingrove when appropriate)--  30 minutes $150


• Botox injection visit-- $250


• Skin punch biopsy visit-- $250


• Occipital Nerve blocks-- $150