Services & Fees

Dr. Wingrove and Mariah deliver care through a Direct Pay model. 


They do not contract with insurance companies in order to remove the overhead/baggage that creates more of a barrier to the optimal care that they would like to provide.  This means they are out-of-network for the visits, but fortunately you can still use your insurance benefits for tests ordered to in-network facilities for imaging, labs, EMG/Nerve Conduction Studies, EEGs, and prescriptions. 


Through this non-insurance based clinic model, they can offer longer in-depth patient visits, improved coordination of care, and an integrative approach to neurology, all which requires TIME.  Learn more at Why Optimize? 


Unfortunately, insurance companies require multiple staff for billing/authorization which often ends up translating to the need of high-volume of patients and either delays in coordination of care or physician-burnout.  By charging on a more time-based approach upfront, the goal is a better return on investment in your neurological health.





We require full payment at the time of service and WE DO NOT process any form of insurance 

 (PLEASE NOTE:  You may continue to use your insurance for labs/imaging/prescriptions that Dr. Wingrove or Mariah order!)


• You may request an Itemized Receipt for you to submit for reimbursement if you have out-of-network benefits

(PLEASE NOTE: Medicare will not allow any filing for reimbursement)


• Payment forms accepted: Credit card, check, cash, HSA or FSA cards 


***We do not take out-of-state or international patients***


• New Patient Visits-- $450 with Mariah (virtual), $600 with Dr. Wingrove (in person or virtual)

• Return Visits In-person OR Telehealth-- 30, 45, and 60 minute blocks available (range from $200-350)


• Botox injection visit-- $250


• Skin punch biopsy visit-- $250


• Occipital Nerve blocks-- $150