about dr. Iris Wingrove

Dr. Wingrove and family in Austin, TX



Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN: 

Neurology Residency


University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, TX: 

Doctor of Medicine


Rice University, Houston, TX: 

Bachelor of Arts



Dr. Iris Wingrove has been fortunate to have trained under world-renowned neurologists while at the Mayo Clinic, and now practices as a board-certified General Adult Neurologist in Austin, Texas.  She has a unique background with diverse experiences guided by strong values placed on family, faith, education, and service to others.



Dr. Wingrove feels truly blessed to have two beautiful children with her college sweetheart!  Their oldest is a 14-year-old son who has a passion for soccer but currently rehabbing an injury and starting high school!  Their 10-year-old daughter is a witty and creative athlete in her own right, loves to sing and dance, and has aspirations for becoming a veterinarian one day. 



about MARIAH

Dr. Wingrove and family in Austin, TX


***Dr. Wingrove is excited to WELCOME MARIAH to the Optimize Neurology team!***




Mariah is an Advanced Practice Nurse who has been caring for patients with neurological issues for 10 years.


She believes in taking a collaborative approach with patients and their families and feels that solutions that center on the patient's individual needs are the best.


Mariah sees patients with various neurological issues but does have a special interest in helping headache patients.  Her interest in treating headache goes beyond her neurology training--as someone who experiences chronic migraine herself, Mariah has an intimate understanding of the impact migraine has on day-to-day life and believes good management strategies and compassionate support from an experienced professional can yield quality of life in migraine.


Mariah is passionate about listening to, guiding, educating, and advocating for patients in all spheres of life.


When not working, she enjoys relaxing in nature, reading, making pies, and lounging with her family in a house filled with music.