OPTIMIZE NeurologY IN Austin TX


At Optimize Neurology, based in Austin, TX, Dr. Iris Wingrove’s vision is to practice the art of neurology.  In doing so, Dr. Wingrove not only draws from her extensive knowledge base and stays up-to-date in the field, but also genuinely listens to her patients.  


Dr. Wingrove's approach brings back memories of a time where the doctor-patient relationship was the gold standard of trust and respect.  


Dr. Wingrove does not pretend to have all the answers, but does her best at advocating for her patients, empowering them through education, and recommending diagnostic/treatment plans to overall OPTIMIZE care.

Optimized care

Dr. Wingrove is a top Austin neurologist who received world-class training at the Mayo Clinic, is fully bilingual in English and Spanish, and offers comprehensive, personalized care to fully address the best neurological care for you.  


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Neurology requires big picture knowledge of all other organ systems while, at the same time, a keen attention to detail in both history-taking and examination of patients.  


Accordingly, Dr. Wingrove strives to care for her patients with an integrative mind-body-spirit approach across the various organ systems the nervous system serves.  


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By crafting a personal care plan based on truly listening and discussing options, Dr. Wingrove brings a fresh, integrative perspective to solving problems, and believes that, by really getting to know her patients, she can best craft a path to positive change.  

Cutting edge

Dr. Wingrove strives to constantly learn and stay on top of the latest. 


For example, she is a partner with SiteRx to make clinical research more accessible to interested patients and their families.


Also, Dr. Wingrove firmly believes that overall improvement of wellness and fitness directly correlates with improved nervous system health.  At Optimize Neurology, you have access to the medical-grade InBody Composition machine to measure skeletal muscle mass, visceral fat and body fat percentage, tracking beyond the usual weight and BMI measurements.